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S10 Solar Fence Energizer


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The S10 portable solar energizer powers up to 3 miles / 15 acres of single wire fence with no vegetation and boasts several solar technology improvements that make it ideal for garden protection, temporary grazing applications, livestock and pet containme

​​​​​​​​​​​​Single Wire, No Vegetation: 15 acres / 3 miles​
​​​​​​​​​​Multiwire, Typical Vegetation:​ 5 acres / .5 miles​
​0.1 Stored Joules​​​

    • ​​

    • Turn on and forget – Energizer will continue to work for up to 3 weeks without sun​​


    • Quick to install – can be setup easily in any location and moved about as required allowing it to be used for strip grazing and better pasture management​​


    • Super tough, drop resistant, Waterproof casing with built-in lightning protection – designed to be left outside, in all weather conditions giving the farmer confidence that it will keep stock contained​​


    • 360 degree mounting on t-posts for correct orientation toward the sun ​​


Warranty: 2 years
Stored Energy: 0.1 Joules
Output Energy: 0.08 Joules
Height: 245mm/ 9.6″
Width or Length: 170mm/ 6.7″
Product Weight: 1.9kg/ 4.2lbs
Power Source: Rechargebale battery included

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