Finish-Line Fence

It is protected by vital UV inhibitors that maintain product strength, flexibility and beautiful appearance for years. Finish-Line is lightweightand easy to install. It can be used with any type of post. So whether you pick T-Posts, Wood Posts or Vinyl, Finish-Line Horse Fence will look beautiful and safely contain your horses. Because it contains no wire, it will not lose its tension making Finish-Line Horse Fence virtually Maintenance Free. No unsightly sagging lines and no time wasted repairing fences. Finish-Line Horse Fence delivers. You will not be disappointed.

Made in Germany.


Fence Finish-Line
Roll Length 2000'
Colors Available White, Black
Break Strength 1250 Ibs
Warranty 7 Years
Electric or Non Electric Non Electric
Total Width 3.364 mm
Post Space Recommended 12' or less
Post Type Wood, T-post, Fiberglass
Cost Approximately .15/ft plus accessories
Samples Available Yes


Bayco Finish Line Monofilament Horse Fence is unique. Designed at Bayer Laboratories to be a safe, maintenance free alternative to fences designed with high tensile wire.

Bayco Finish-Line Horse Fence is designed to give or stretch should your horse have a forceful impact with the fence. The ability of the fence to give upon impact protects your horse from harmful injuries that do occur with other fencing materials.


  • Bayco Finish-Line Fence means no cut skin; no torn tendons; no broken limbs.
  • "MAINTENANCE FREE" after the original tensioning from initial installation, Finish-Line will not require tensioning. Finish-Line is wireless thus is not affected by heat or cold, thus holds tension and greatly reducing maintenance issues. Bounces back into shape when tree or force hits fencing lines
  • "UV INHIBITORS" Finish-Line is the only fencing of its kind to contain UV inhibitors throughout. Withstands temperatures from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. This means a long life for your Finish-Line Fence.
  • "ADAPTABLE TO ANY POST SYSTEM" picks the post that fits your budget and fence design preferences. Get the look you want to fit your needs.
  • "STRONG" 1250lbs of breaking strength. Contains your horses with 6000lbs of tensile strength. Safety always with Finish-Line fence!
  • "SAFETY ALWAYS" Finish-Line fence was design with the help of large animal veterinarians'; greatly reducing the chance of horse injuries.

Finish-Line Advantages

Finish-Line is an easy to use synthetic product developed by Bayer. This fencing is strong, flexible and can be visualized easily from long distances. Virtually no maintenance is required if installed correctly.

Effect of light and weather:
Finish-Line fencing is designed with ultra violet inhibitors, making it stable in extreme weather conditions. It will not break down from exposure to sunlight and extreme heat. In the case of a brush fire, Finish-Line will melt, allowing the horses to escape harm.

Electrical behavior:
Unlike wire fencing, Finish-Line horse fencing contains no metal, so there is no danger from lightning or lightning strikes.

Effects of bacteria/chemicals:
Highly resistant to alkalis, acids, seawater, and sweat; including acidic soils and crop chemicals. It will not rust, rot, or corrode.

Reaction to organic solvents:
Resistant to diesel, petrol, paraffin, paint solutions and paint thinners, fat, oil and dry-cleaning agents such as perchlorethylene.

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