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Fence Paint Black 5 Gallon Pail


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Quality 100% Acrylic barn & fence paint designed to beautify and protect wood plank fences, barns, fence posts, and more.

Environmentally friendly water-based formula – Lead free

Easily applied using any of these methods: spray, brush, or roller.

Designed especially for HORSE FENCE DIRECT and made in the U.S.A

Why is this paint different from ordinary exterior paint? We have designed this product with elastomeric polymers which allows the wood to expand and shrink in the different weather patterns. Quality 100% acrylic fence paint fortified with UV inhibitors helps keep the paint from fading when the sun beats down on it.

• Acrylic Water-Based Formula
• Resists Fading, Peeling & Weathering
• Environmentally Friendly Formula
• Easy Soap & Water Cleanup
• Mold Resistant
• Dry Finish is Livestock Safe
• Dries to a Semi-Gloss Finish

Coverage based on 5-gallon bucket: Up to 450 square feet per 5-gallon per coat depending upon porosity of surface. Each 5-gallon will paint about 50 fence posts. Approximately 80 running feet 3 rail fence on both sides per 5-gallon. * this is all approximate each application varies based on porosity, type of wood, age of wood, type of application, and amount applied.

Each 5 gallon pail weight: 47 – 50 lbs

Surface shall be clean, dry and free of any dirt or contaminants. Application temperature must be a minimum of 60 ºF and rising. Do not apply when temperature is expected to drop below 50 ºF within a 24- hour period. Be sure to wear eye protection and gloves when mixing and applying this product. In areas where dew or fog accumulates in the early evening, it is best to coat in the morning. Stop coating by early afternoon (3:00 pm) to prevent wash off, which will occur if dew, fog, or rain arrives before coating dries. Do not apply if rain is imminent or forecast within 24 hours of application. Stir container thoroughly. Apply by brush, roller or airless spray (suggested tip size is a minimum of .017 to .021). Clean tools with water immediately after use.

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