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HFD Traid Logo HeadingHFD Braid is the latest most inventive braid currently on the market offering 4 strands of copper for a highly conductive braid to be used as a permanent electric fence especially for horses and livestock. The braid is highly visible, strong, low maintenance and durable.

What sets HFD apart?

HFD was designed to be stronger than current braids offered on the market at a more affordable price. Four strands of pure copper are double helixed through the braid for best conductivity . HFD Braid is also consistently braided through the entire rope, there is no outer sleeve or core to our product, it is a consistent braid of the rope all the way through making it stronger and more durable. Wood, T-posts, Fiberglass and Vinyl posts can be spaced 30 to 50 feet with HFD Braid.



Fence HFD Braid
Roll Length 1000′
Colors Available White and Black Checkered OR Black
Break Strength 2500 lbs
Warranty 25 Years
Electric or Non Electric Electric
Total Width .25 in
Post Space Recommended 30′ or less with 50′ acceptable in certain applications
Post Type Wood, T-post, Timeless T-Posts, Fiberglass
Cost Approximately .17/ft plus accessories
Samples Available Yes


Fence Posts

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