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Timeless T-Post 1.75″


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This Post IS the Insulator!

You don’t need to purchase any insulators.
Request a sample today!


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Made from recycled PVC, our posts are both strong and flexible making them all but impossible to break under normal use. Timeless FenceĀ® Posts come with a 20 year guarantee and will never rust or rot.

Pre-drilled holes every three inches in our non-conductive posts provide an easy alternative to costly and time consuming insulators.

Timeless T-Post Instructions

The single strand fence types that work great with these posts are:
Finish Line

Why Timeless Tposts?

You want a fence that will look good and function well for many years with minimal upkeep. A T-Post that is safer than than metal. The Timeless T-Post features a solid, dense core of recycled, semi-rigid polyvinyl chloride, a strong, long-lasting compound that is naturally fire resistant. We guarantee our posts for 20 years, however, they are expected to last 75 years or longer!

Easy to install. We suggest driving a pilot hole with an auger bit in a heavy-duty cordless drill.

If rocky soil just simply use a masonary drill bit. Fast and Easy!
Temperature -50 f up to +120 f and the melting point is 300-400f

What length should I order?
The length depends on how tall you want your fence to be (above ground).
Use these guidelines:
Timeless T posts
4′-5′ are installed at 12″
5.5′ – 6.5′ are installed at 18″
7′ – 8′ are installed at 24″
So for example a 7′ post would be 5′ above ground. 7′ posts are most commonly used for Equine use.

* There will be a sticker on every post letting you know how far to drive it in.

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