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Protector 48″ x 72″ x 11/16″


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Protector… The Mat That Started It All

The industry standard for stall matting. The one that started it all. The one used in over 3/4′s of America’s veterinary hospitals. The one used for the Olympic Games and many of the World’s most prestigious shows. Accept no substitute.

Until Summit brought Protector rubber stall mats to the market over 20 years ago, horse owners had to buy a cow mattress, or a conveyor belt, or a lower quality urethane bound mat, or mats with shards of metal or tire cord. Protector was the first mat that met Summit’s exacting standards for a contaminant free, flat laying mat with just the right amount of cushion for equine comfort and safety. Since then over 1 million Protector Stall Mats, many in service 15 or more years, are the hallmark for the industry, the mat to which all others are compared.

Protectors now have an improved traction pattern for the surface giving your horse more security. The roto etched top is more resistant to liquids pooling or freezing in cold weather. The benefits of owning Protector rubber stall mats are many-

  • Cut stall cleaning time
  • Guaranteed not to curl or tear.
  • Reduce airborne dust
  • Provide excellent cushioning for animal comfort
  • Reduce the risk of thrush by eliminating bacteria-laden wet spots
  • Save on bedding expenditures. Protectors often pay for themselves in the first year.
  • Easy to install, and once in place won’t move or shift


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