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Insultube 100 ft Roll


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Use for the alternative types of insulation on White Lightning® and wire. Available in white and black 100′ rolls.

Directions for using WhiteLightning with Insultube when drilling through wood post

(It comes in 100ft rolls and you cut as needed)

You will need a 7/16″ auger bit when drilling through post. To keep in place there are a

couple options:

Place a dab on tube before pushing through post

1. Clear Silicon

2. Gorilla Glue

Note: This process must be completed after strand has been secured/terminated at end.

To shed a little more light on installation steps.

1. Identify Strand Spacing

2. Make Post

3. Drill Post

Now, with strand at a stationary point on a spinning jenny.

4. Walk down fence line, placing a piece of Insulatube on strand, then push strand through

hole in post (suggest working from bottom up)

5. When reaching opposite end of fence line secure/terminate strand.

6. Back tracking along fence line (holding strand in hand to remove slack) at each post dab on

holding agent then insert into Hole (allow a 1/2″ min of Insulatube each side of post)

7. Back at starting point cut strand, then secure/terminate.

8. Tension


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