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S100 Solar Fence Energizer


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Clean Fence: 30 miles / 100 acres​
Typical Fence:​ 8 miles​ /60 acres
1.0 Stored Joules​​​​

  • Convenient fully integrated portable power
  • Turn on and forget – with automated battery management, energizer will continue to work for up to 3 weeks without sun
  • Quick to install – can be easily set up in any location and moved about for strip grazing and better pasture management
  • Water resistant case, with convenient carry handle and built in lightning protection – designed to be left outside, rain, hail or shine. Keeps stock contained in all weather conditions
  • Multiple power optionsBattery status indicator – provides peace of mind by indicating if the battery needs to be charged or replaced
    • Wildlife Mode pulses fast day and night.
    • Full Power Mode pulses fast during the day and slower at night, conserving power when animals are less active
  • 360 degree mounting on t-posts for correct orientation toward the sun – allows the energizer to be mounted on a t-post that is already part of the fence line, regardless of which way the post is facing
  • Fully integrated, ready to use – includes fence leadset, rechargeable 12v battery, solar panel
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